Got to Get You Into My Life

I collected my meds from the pharmacy last week, after B faxed my prescription over. I remember seeing lots of couples at my initial consultation in July walking around with gigantic pharmacy bags and sure enough I left the shop with enough stuff to drug a horse.

Would you just look at this selection?

Fertility drugs

The pic doesn’t include the Gonal 5 pen and Ovitrelle injection I have to keep in the fridge. Wouldn’t that be slightly awkward if you were living with people who didn’t know your plans? “Eh, I just thought it might be nice to have a minibar fridge in my room.”

I haven’t got my head around what I’m to do with most of the stuff. Back at the initial consultation, in the whirl of the 1,000 other pieces of information about blood tests etc, B showed me how to inject – at a 90-degree angle below the naval. There was something about a smile shape that I didn’t really grasp at the time – I think this is so you alternate sides and don’t bruise. The information pack I got then has cycle instructions as follows:

  • Day 1: Call nurses to discuss cycle and book first scan for Day 8
  • Day 2: Start Tamoxifen 10mgs twice daily for five days
  • Day 3: Start Gonal F 75 iu injections until told to stop
  • Day 8: First scan. Nurse tells you when to start taking Cetrotide injection, which prevents early ovulation
  • Day 11: Scan to see when you ready for IUI. Instructed when to have Ovitrelle injection to prompt ovulation

Though they’re not on that list my pack also has (hmm) Crinone vaginal gel applicators – 32 of the blighters! The mind and other parts boggle. And a pack of Vitamin B tablets – those I can handle.

I had a quick look a few months ago at the how-to-inject videos on the clinic’s secure site but I’m not going to stress about how this all works until I’m at that stage. I did ring B the other day to discuss the meds so that I’m prepared but, naturally, it was 4.30pm and their phones shut at 4pm weekdays. Must remember that in case of emergency.

It feels very odd to take drugs blindly without having a clue what any of them do. What do you reckon they make you put on weight, get cranky and develop spots? I managed to avoid all that during puberty, so it would be a bit annoying now. Oh yes, and when you’re on the Crinone, there’s no driving or operating heavy machinery apparently, lordy.

I’m just going to go with the flow (go with Aunt Flo?) and resist the urge to scour the internet to find out what each drug is for – TMI. Can do without reading about the stroke, thrombosis and Octomom potential.

I spent a good while reading this woman’s blog last week: oliviasview. Must add it to the list of resources, as it makes for really interesting and thought-provoking reading.

Bearded lady from

“Fertility drugs, moi?”

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