Day 8 scan

Had my Day 8 scan this morning. It’s quite a privilege seeing your follicles on a screen. Hello chaps!

The same lovely girl who did my SIS scan back in July was there, with another girl. They double-teamed – the first stayed behind the curtain, monitoring the screen, while the second was with me moving the thing (wand? probe? wrong orifice for the latter) around inside me and measuring the follicles. From what I could tell, the follicles were the darker, oval-shaped things on the screen. They draw lines on the screen to measure them, I think.

The right side had one follicle measuring eight (don’t ask me what unit of measurement) and there was a dozen of the little fellas on the left side, with the largest also measuring eight, as far as I could tell.

I just looked up antral follicles out of interest and landed on this page from the Advanced Fertility Centre of Chicago, where the following made me smile:

How many antral follicles is “good”?
There is not a perfect answer to this question. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and some ovaries have not yet read up on antral follicle counts to know how they are supposed to respond to stimulation.

My ovaries, though not producing the optimal 16-30 they talk about there, seem to be literate at least.

All seems to be going according to plan. So far. From tonight it’s Gonal F every evening, and from tomorrow Cetrotide daily to delay ovulation.

Day 12 scan at 11 on Monday, which will be the next moment of truth.

Follicles realise their benchmarking hasn't been quite up to scratch

Follicles realise their benchmarking hasn’t been quite up to scratch

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