Two fat follicles

So, I’ve been doing Gonal F 75 every evening since the Day 8 scan, plus Cetrotide in the mornings to stave off ovulation. The Cetrotide injection is a bit more fiddly, as you have to mix the water with the powder, but all straightforward enough. I used the video on the clinic’s site the first time as guidance but, in case of interest, here’s another video on YouTube on preparing and injecting Cetrotide.

Had the Day 11 (actually Day 12, as Monday today) scan this morning. It was the same lovely girl as in the last two examinations, this time “at the helm” doing the probing, with another girl, a trainee, behind the curtain at the screen. The first thing she said was that I had a lovely lining (“Why thank you” – this is the most unusual compliment I’ve received since being told on a hillwalk that I had very good balance).

So my ovaries have obviously been doing the required reading. More action on the right ovary today – a nice, juicy follicle measuring over 15. And another nice juicy one measuring over 15 on the left side, where the next contender was only about 11. Two nice, juicy follicles… hmmm.

They are really nice girls. When we saw that there were two decent follicles, I reminded them that I had said the last time I didn’t want quintuplets. “I don’t want twins.” “Well, the chances of triplets are very low.” “I see you are not committing to any other answer.” “Don’t worry, she [other nurse] will take the second one off your hands if you have twins.”
Then, as they saw me off down the corridor, she said “Good luck” and we all laughed when I said I didn’t like the ominous way she had said that. Me very nervously.

Quite seriously, I have been thinking about the multiple births thing a bit. I know I’m getting ahead of myself and there are a million steps to take before I have a baby, if I am that lucky. It would be really tough on everyone around me if I had twins but, assuming we were all healthy, it would be great for the kids themselves. Terrifying though.

But let’s take this one step at a time.

Another scan in two days and. if all looks well, Ovitrelle injection on Thursday morning. The big day would be Friday, 4pm.

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