Well done us

It’s amazing how complacent you get about injecting. The first time I did the Gonal F, I watched the video, washed my hands carefully and laid everything out on a clean desk before starting, just as the lady in the video said. Last night, I did it in the toilet, dropped the box on the floor and was scrabbling around picking up needle pouches from among the dust bunnies. It was the same when I got my contact lenses as a teenager: it didn’t take long before I was standing in the middle of traffic on my bike taking an uncomfortable lens out of my eye, licking it and putting it back in.

Tonight, I was so engrossed in work I almost forgot about my evening injection. And I’m not drinking nearly as much water as I should be either, tsk tsk.

My carelessness shows on my legs – I have a massive bruise on my left thigh from where I came in at the wrong angle, hit muscle or something. And a few dodgy looking track marks on the right thigh. No short shorts for me at the moment.

I was thinking today about all the women, single or otherwise, who are dodging around workplaces injecting themselves with fertility drugs in the toilets, trying to call their clinics in privacy and sneaking out the door to go to fertility appointments. Plus dealing with the usual workplace annoyances and petty people getting annoyed about nothing while trying to keep their heads clear in the middle of negative results, miscarriages and mad hormonal surges.

We should all give ourselves a pat on the back. It’s a cliché but if it was men who were taking the fertility drugs they would be carried around on divans to be pampered in the Fertility Annex of the office. What am I saying, they wouldn’t be at work at all.

Anyway, tomorrow is a Day 14 scan to see if I will be ready to go on Friday. It would a terrible shame after all this drug-taking if the follicles let me down (“C’mon chaps!”) but I have to be prepared for that.

I’m getting superstitious – I was wondering today whether I can give back my sharps container when I finish these injections but of course that would be tempting fate major time. I’ve told two people I might be ready to go on Friday and felt a bit uneasy about saying it loud.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes, anyway.

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