48 hours to IUI-day

Day 14 scan today and the girls were so lovely again. My early negativity about the clinic’s lack of communication is completely erased.

It was the same girl scanning me as on Monday – whom I now know to be called Dr L. Once again, my lining was “excellent”, aw shucks. And today the right ovary reigned supreme – two big follicles of 16. “A boy and a girl” as we three joshed. Over in the left ovary, the largest follicle was down to 11. I don’t know why they get smaller but there it is.

I asked if I could take a photo of the screen and she did me a printout instead, how nice. Here are my two follicles in the top pic for your viewing pleasure:

So we’re all systems go for Friday, 4.30pm! This was way too straightforward.

I asked if it would be Dr L doing the IUI and she said it was usually the nurses but if I wanted she would do it. Bless :-)

Fingers crossed for no hiccups between then and now.

I take my last Gonal F shot tonight and the Ovitrelle to trigger ovulation at 6am tomorrow.

Phwew. All going to plan, I guess it’ll be me, Dr L and some of Denmark’s finest rendezvousing under the romantic clinic lights in two days.

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