Proven otherwise

Okay, so the delivery guy just dropped off my package containing the pregnancy tests I ordered online.  I should really be testing first thing in the morning but there are three tests, so I’m gonna go for it. My heart was thumping a little when I signed for the package but I’m pretty calm now.


An urgent work email has just come in, back off people! Have you no sense of occasion? Have to deal with it and then I’m off to the loo to collect the sample.


So this is a pregnancy test. I’ve always been a careful girl and have never done one before – this is a female rite of passage! Just made it before I’m 40!

Dip the tip in the collecting cup, count five seconds, tip goes bright pink as expected – and the window shows a lightning fast change to a strong single blue horizontal line.  Not pregnant.


Examine it for 10 minutes to see if it changes but that’s a pretty decisive “f*ck off, are you listening to what I’m telling you?” blue line, definitely not a cross. If I squint, I can see the vertical line that should go blue if you’re pregnant, but I’m not.


And I feel fine about it. If this were cycle #3 I would probably be gutted. I’ll ring the clinic to make my blood test appointment for tomorrow but my instincts were right. No result this time.

A November cycle #2 it is. And I’ll know what I’m doing this time. Once more onto the Gonal F!

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2 Responses to Proven otherwise

  1. sorry to hear it but your attitude is great. on to the next month!

  2. Choice says:

    Thanks :-) I figure at least we’re all in control and moving forward – I still feel so much more positive than this time last year, when I was helplessly watching the fertile years dwindle away…

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