Death by a thousand cuts

Just got a call from the clinic at 5pm after my second hCG blood test this morning.

“It’s not good news”, to which I replied I knew it was a negative, as I’d done a test on Saturday, and I was okay with that. “We still need you to come in for another test on Wednesday, as your level is up over Friday’s. It’s now at 13.” Stupidly, didn’t think to ask what the original level was on Friday but I’m so confused already more information would probably not help at this stage.

I asked what this could mean and she was very non-committal. She thinks I’ve had a chemical pregnancy, which when I asked she explained as probably meaning a sac had developed but no embryo.

However, she also told me to keep taking my drugs until Wednesday and seemed a bit flummoxed when I explained I used my last progesterone gel this morning.

This is getting kind of torturous. As I’ve said a million times, I’m fine with a negative result this time around but I would like to be able to draw a line under this cycle.

Knit it off

On a more positive note, I picked up a pair of knitting needles last night for the first time since I was in school. I had an urge to knit an Aran cushion cover last week and bought a pattern and some wool on Saturday.

As I was probably 12 or so the last time I knit, I was amazed that I remembered how to cast on, let alone actually knit. I only got a few rows done and I think I dropped a stitch in my second-last row but it was so satisfying.

This is the Aran cushion cover pattern, in case you’re interested.

Aran cushion cover knitting pattern

And NO, it was not the booties that attracted me to this – that is a coincidence.

Though they are cute.

Knitting needles with aran cable cushion cover

Not bootees

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