Roll on round #2

Blood test results from this morning just in, and it’s a definite negative.

This time, I had the presence of mind to ask what my original hCG level was on Friday, and it was 9; Wednesday’s count was 13; and today’s was 6.9.

So a chemical pregnancy basically, which the lady on the phone today just explained as a very early miscarriage.

This is exactly what I had expected since my first home test last Thursday, so it’s all fine. Apparently the pharmacy has my prescription already, as it’s good for three rounds, so I’ll call the clinic on my next Day 1 to book the Day 8 scan and start again on the same regime. The lady explained today that there will be no need to change any of the drugs, as everything obviously worked this time around.

She was very apologetic and sorry and I think a bit surprised at my business-like tone and the fact that I wasn’t upset. They must deal with such grief, despair and anger on these calls sometimes, very tough.

I’m pretty content – it’s nice to have certainty after a week of hmming and hawing and to be able to put round #1 behind me.

Ready for the next bout! And now I’ve got the knitting to keep me distracted.

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