All aboard the IUI train

I didn’t know when my poor battered body would kick into action again but she came up trumps on Friday, when my period arrived of its own accord, only a handful of days late. Giving my body a virtual pat on the back here. Pretty savage cramps on Saturday night but that was to be expected after all the artificial hormones and a chemical pregnancy I guess.

So I’m back on the IUI train. Started the Tamoxifen tablets (twice daily for five days) on Saturday and Gonal F 75 injections (every second evening) last night. A bit headachy last night but so far no nausea after that first injection, unlike the last time.

It’s nice to know what to expect this time – in the first round, every new injection and scan was a learning experience. So hopefully there will be less stress this month, which can only help.

If this one doesn’t work, I’m taking a break to give my body a rest and so that I can relax (and imbibe!) over Christmas. I’ll go for the third round in January or February and then reassess if that doesn’t work. The pressure will be on for round three, as I only get three goes with this donor. I’ll cross that one if and when I get there.

I took part in a pro-choice demonstration on Saturday, along with maybe 10,000 other people, old and young, male and female, all quietly and respectfully marching for a woman’s right to choose.  And upset and angry that a woman died of septicemia last month in a developed country after being denied the termination of a foetus that was already miscarrying and had no chance of life.

On the one hand, there’s the sophistication of what I and all the other SMCs to be and same-sex and infertile couples can achieve in my country thanks to modern fertility medicine. On the other hand, at the same time, many women here can’t choose to terminate a crisis pregnancy if they need to and a woman died a lingering and painful death because of attitudes that seem almost medieval to me.

A contrast that makes no sense to me at all.

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