Follicle is go!

Oh my! Day 8 scan today and I wasn’t expecting this. Last time, on Day 8 my right side had one follicle measuring eight and my left side had a dozen of the little fellas, with the largest also measuring eight. I had to start taking the Gonal F daily and had another scan four days later, when there were two lovely follicles measuring 15.

Today, the right side was a bit lazy again, with some small ones. However, the left had four reasonable follicles and one giant measuring 17-18.  So we’re ready for IUI on Monday, can’t quite believe this.

I had to go home immediately and take my first Cetrotide injection, as the doctor was afraid I might ovulate. This is where working for yourself is really handy. Another Cetrotide injection tomorrow, plus a Gonal F in the evening, and then the Ovitrelle to trigger ovulation on Sunday at 6am.

IUI will be 4pm on Monday. So either way, I’ll know for sure how things have gone before Christmas Day.

I was a bit taken aback at the speedy follicular action but the doctor explained that you can react much better to drugs the second time around. I requested Dr L for the IUI, explaining that the last one was a bit harrowing, and she noted this on my file.

All going according to plan, Monday’s IUI should hopefully be a lot more relaxed: with luck, Dr L will be at the helm and I won’t be freaking out over two follicles. (Just striking me now that I didn’t ask what size the other follicles on the left were, but let’s not go there.)

Here’s the star follicle – I think he deserves some limelight:

Follicle measuring 17-18

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