I heart Dr L

IUI #2 today and what a different experience to the first one.

I was swept down to the underground caverns almost immediately after arriving and, joy, there was Dr L at the counter. Usual drill getting changed into gown, hat and scrunchy shoes in a waiting/relaxing cubicle and then whisked into the theatre by a really lovely nurse.

The small things make all the difference. When the magical hatch in the wall opened and the cross-checking with the donor sperm was going on, they had me sitting up on the bed with a blanket around me keeping things nice and modest as opposed to offering an eye-full to the Hatch People beyond. And this time they got me to check the vial too, so as well as my name and date of birth I saw that the donor’s pseudonym was correct. Very reassuring.

And the procedure itself was a really positive experience. I knew I was in capable hands with Dr L and, as expected, she did things smoothly, with minimum discomfort and really fast. But more unexpected was that the three of us had a bit of a laugh together. It was actually nice having the nurse there to break things up. I complimented Dr L on her fine technique and the music and mood lighting she had set, she said it usually took a bottle of wine etc etc. Jokes they had probably heard a thousand times before but it was lovely. The nurse even somehow got us onto the topic of the film The Snapper (based on the book by Roddy Doyle, who wrote The Commitments), which if you haven’t seen it is pretty funny and very much related to childbirth and sex. Dr L declined my offer of a post-insemination cigarette and turned away pretty much immediately after the deed was done but, hey, you can’t have it all.

The nurse left me in the waiting area for a good half hour with my legs elevated and this time around I was so relaxed I was getting drowsy when time came to leave. And when she read out the list of things to avoid (hot baths, swimming etc) and things that are encouraged (light exercise, healthy food etc) she diplomatically didn’t include sex on the list of good things, unlike the last time.

I’m really glad I asked for Dr L and think everything has gone as well as it could this time around, so it’s up to ovulating as expected, having a decent egg and fate now.

Back on the progesterone gel daily for the next four days and then twice a day until the blood test on 10 December.

The one funny thing at the clinic was that when I announced my arrival at reception, the girl suggested that, as I would be groggy after my procedure, I should go ahead and pay beforehand. I explained that I wasn’t going to be sedated but she was pretty pushy. It turns out, as the lady in the payments office explained, they are finding it really hard to chase up bills at the moment. She said some people have gone through their whole procedure, got pregnant and then not paid, which can mean defaulting on €12,000 for an IVF cycle. Maybe they justify it to themselves by arguing that they need to spend the money on the baby. Or if they don’t get pregnant, maybe they justify it that way. Takes some chutzpah though.  This experience is not cheap but it’s not as if they can say they didn’t know how much the cycle would cost, very odd.

Anyway, I stumped up my €850 before the IUI so they won’t need to get the bailiffs out on me just yet.

Two week wait #2 starts here. I expect this one to be a little more difficult, as I will be idle at the end of this week when my work contract finishes. Something tells me I’ll need more than knitting to keep me distracted this time.

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