Treading water in the 2WW

Little to report.

I’ve had a very mixed-up attitude to this cycle. The first time around, I tried to drink lots of water, did the lemon in hot water thing in the mornings and avoided coffee and alcohol for the two weeks before (as well as after, obviously) the IUI.

This time, I drank coffee on and off up until the IUI on Monday and even had a few beers the Friday before (which I paid for with a massive headache almost immediately, probably not wise to mix beer with Cetrotide, in retrospect). Didn’t drink a lot of water and let the lemon thing go completely.

However, this week I did buy a pineapple, which the old wives, whoever they are, say might help with implantation because it contains the enzyme bromelain. (Very scientific old wives.) Had a massive helping on Tuesday morning after Monday’s IUI and then had a meltdown on Wednesday when I Googled this and one of the top hits said that pineapple core might actually cause miscarriage because it can create uterine contractions. Information online is really mixed about this, which is maybe not surprising, but it seems that eating it for the first week or two is okay. I’ve continued to have it for breakfast all week but will give it a rest now I think. Probably a waste of time. I don’t think pineapple, water or avoiding tea is really going to be the biggest issue when a 39 year old is trying to get pregnant for the first time.

Overall, I still have a sinking feeling that this one hasn’t taken at all. I don’t know why and maybe this is just self-preservation kicking in in preparation for a negative result. I need to think about other things basically, I think.

On the knitting for distraction front, the scarf is coming on nicely. I came upon some free Aran wool, so in the interim I dashed off another cushion cover.

Witness item 2 in the gallery of Knock Yourself Up Knits:

Aran cushion cover in red

I really need to plan next week, as my work contract finishes today and we all know that idle hands reach for the one remaining pregnancy test in the three-pack.

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