Ticking along nicely

Day 8 scan with lovely Dr L and accomplice today for my third round.

Until today, I haven’t felt as if I was cycling at all. It hasn’t been at the forefront of my mind most of the time and the injections are such a non-event now. I’ll confess to not bothering to drink the recommended extra water or hot water with lemon. I’ve also stopped taking the vitamin B supplements; my middle fingers and toes were going numb, very disconcerting, which I think can be a side effect of taking vitamin B over the long term.

This cycle, it’s just been the Tamoxifen tablets twice a day on days 2-5 and the Gonal F 75 injections every second evening from day 3. Plus folic acid in the mornings, as ever. I realised recently I’ve been taking these since April. I remember worrying then that I wouldn’t be on the folic acid for the recommended 12-16 weeks before getting pregnant – the naivety!

All looked good today. A couple of leading follicles measuring 10 to 11 on the left and the largest measuring 10 on the right. So the right side is putting in a bit of effort for a change. My lining was “excellent” as always. This cycle feels much more normal than the last one, when everything seemed to be going way too fast.

I have another scan on Thursday and the IUI will probably take place on Monday. I guess I’ll be on the Cetrotide injections to delay ovulation from Thursday and then the Ovitrelle trigger shot early on Sunday morning before the procedure on Monday afternoon. Assuming all goes according to plan.

I’ve had these pictures on my phone since round 1 – this is the space age machine they use during the scans:

transvaginal scan console

And this closeup requires no explanation:

Transvaginal scanning machine probe

Kind of glad nobody has spotted that second one on my phone – people might wonder what I get up to in my free time. It does look a bit like a futuristic sex toy from an old Woody Allen film. That lubricant really leaves little to the imagination.

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2 Responses to Ticking along nicely

  1. I am right behind you, on Day 7! My IUI will likely be Tuesday next week. Your scan machine looks oh so familiar. Congrats on a good follie report and I’ll look forward to being cycle buddies :)

  2. Choice says:

    Delighted you got back on the horse so quickly. Sending us both positive vibes for this round :-)

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