Day 10 scan

Well, every cycle really is different. Day 10 scan today and things are moving along but at a much more measured pace than in either of the first two rounds.

The right side had two leading follicles of 12 and 14, and the biggest on the left was 12. So I’m in for a third scan on Saturday to see how things are progressing, with a view to doing the IUI on Monday as planned. I’m now on Gonal F 75 every evening.

If I’m still ready for IUI on Monday, I’m guessing there will be no need for Cetrotide this cycle at all: three more nights of Gonal F and then Ovitrelle early on Sunday morning.

I talked to Dr L about the mega-quick cycle #2, which has been bothering me. I asked how I managed to have a follicle measuring 17-18 on Day 8 and was that maybe caused by overstimulation. She said it was probably just not a great egg; these can develop quickly and are no use. What I didn’t think to ask was whether this follicle would definitely have ovulated or if we had waited a couple of days would it maybe have died back and been overtaken by another one. It seems a waste of €600 of sperm and the €850 cost of the cycle for a potentially dodgy egg. Dr L didn’t do the scan that time and I wonder whether, knowing that growth like that was very speedy by my standards, she would have approached it differently. Would it have been wise to cancel that IUI? Or maybe you just have to go with the lead follicle and work with what you’re given. What do I know.

Anyway, things are going nicely this time around. I’m guardedly positive. Small steps.

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