The stud can wait

No, not that kind of stud, sadly.

I’ve been surprised a couple of times about how this child, which doesn’t exist yet, is already dictating some decisions for me.

Every woman planning to become a single mother by choice has some big decisions to make about career, home, support network, money and all those scary adult things.

And you might remember that, when choosing my donor, I had initially thought I’d peruse the profiles with a friend over a few glasses of wine, as you might do when internet dating. When it came to choosing, I was surprised to realise that this flippant approach felt plain wrong. It didn’t seem fair that a random friend would find out about the donor before the child did. So I went through the profiles alone.

The non-existent baby dictated a way more trivial decision for me recently.

My fabulous mother gave me a gift voucher this Christmas to get my nose pierced. Huge kudos to her – she traipsed through various jewellers and salons in October to find a reputable piercing/tattoo parlour. Not her natural habitat (not mine either) and I imagine she’s not 100 per cent in favour of my getting a piercing, so I’m very impressed.

I’ve been really keen to get a dainty stud for quite a while, and particularly since getting a mole removed from the side of my nose last summer. I also figured I should get it sorted before reaching 40 – that way, it would seem less like a mid-life crisis. Or so I like to think.

I was planning to get it done early this month before starting my third cycle and dropped into the piercing studio a couple of weeks ago to ask how it all works these days. I reckon I was about 11 when I got my ears pierced and vaguely remember a couple of weeks of having to twist and disinfect the studs every day.

The very pierced girl in the studio said I’d have to rinse with saline for two to six months.  Way longer than I had thought. Which got me thinking about how that would work with a potential pregnancy. I was planning to get it done and dusted before starting round #3 but that long healing process had me wondering. If you get an infection while you’re pregnant, and I think infections are common enough with nose piercings, I guess antibiotics are out of the question. Also, a bit of internet research on piercings during pregnancy raised the issue of your immune system. During pregnancy, it goes a little bit beserk, focused as it is on the baby. So the risk of infection would be higher. More importantly, your body is under enough stress during pregnancy and you don’t want to divert any of those healing resources from the baby.

So, on balance, my nose piercing is going to have to wait. Hear this, future baby, the momentous sacrifices this wannabe parent is already making on your behalf!

Follicles breathe a sigh of relief

Follicles breathe a sigh of relief

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