With these scans you’re really spoiling us

My old follicles have rarely known such limelight.

Day 12 scan today. I’ve never been in the clinic on a Saturday and it was kind of eerie and quiet. At least the drinks machine was working, unlike on Thursday. I had a hot chocolate in the waiting room, as it was miserable and sleeting out. Just as well I did because I wasn’t called in for nearly an hour. Bit of a skeleton operation at the weekend, it seems.

It was a nurse I didn’t know today, and things were looking fine but not moving along terribly quickly. The right side had two leaders of 12 and 16, and the left had a 14. So they’re growing at about a mm a day (yes, I’ve finally realised we’re talking millimetres here). I also learned that I have a three-layer uterine lining, which is a very good thing for implantation, apparently. Today it looked “lovely”.

The nurse said she would like the follicles to be a little bit bigger before we proceed, so we’re not going just yet. I get the feeling that everyone is aware this is round three and that we’re pulling out the stops for this one. She mentioned that sometimes she would recommend oestradiols in this situation, but I’ll leave any decision like that to Dr L on Monday. I’m not even going to look up what oestradiols are.

So in again on Monday for a fourth scan, unprecedented. I’m on the Cetrotide after all, from this afternoon. And the Gonal F 75 each evening. IUI might not be until Wednesday now, as if I scan on Monday and things look ready I guess I’ll be triggering on Tuesday morning.

Monday will only be day 14 and I think my natural cycle is a little longer than 28 days anyway, so no rush as far as I’m concerned.

I’m happy to go slowly if that’s what this round needs.

PS the title is a reference to the cheesy Ferrero Rocher ad of the 90s, for those who never had the pleasure.

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