Tuesday it is then

Woke up to snow today and had a slushy drive to the clinic for the Day 14 scan.

All was looking great: the right side leader has ballooned to 20 and the left is at 17.

It was yet another nurse, D, doing the scan today. It turns out she grew up around the corner from me and, although she now lives in a different county, she’d like to move back and is thinking of viewing the house for sale two doors up from mine. ‘Tis a small country alright. Just as well I plan to be open about the baby’s origins if I do get pregnant. “Yes, it was while D was inserting a condom-sheathed probe into my vagina that we realised her uncle lived on my road. Such a small world! Cheesy pineapple, anyone?”

In between the chat about property prices and the neighbourhood, D thought that, given the fine follicular action, we might go for an IUI slot tomorrow, instead of Wednesday. She went off to consult with Dr L and, bingo, we’re booked in for IUI tomorrow at 4pm.

I had to dash home to take the Ovitrelle. We won’t have the usual 36 hours after triggering – it will be about 28 hours. But the sperm is happy to hang around for a while. And I reckon Danish sperm is pretty laid back. I’d be screwed if it was German – there is no way German sperm would tolerate such unpunctuality on the egg’s part.

Here is the star follicle measuring 20 on the right:Leading antral follicle on right side measuring 20

And the one measuring 17 on the left:
Leading antral follicle on left side measuring 17

Come on follicles, hang in there!

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