Knock yourself up knits #8 and #9

PS I was at least productive on the knitting front during the two week wait, adding two more covers to the hot-water bottle collection:

trio of knitted hot water bottle covers

At this rate, I’ll have knit an entire house-full of items by the time I have a baby.

If I was capable of doing anything other than following a pattern, I would consider becoming a guerilla knitter for distraction. Just rein me in if I start knitting a cover for my car.

bus covered in guerilla knit

Yarnbombed bus featured on Guerilla knitting page on

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2 Responses to Knock yourself up knits #8 and #9

  1. loa says:

    I’m really sorry about the negative result. I kind of feel like you’re on a similar path as I’ve been but a few months younger. I started this process almost a year ago, and had reservations about medicated IUIs — honestly, I looked at my family and the pregnancy record, and figured my only challenge was the fact that I was choosing to do this alone. But I agreed to a mild medicated IUI, which was negative; then I couldn’t schedule the next try until September because I lived in one country and my procedure was in another, plus I was determined to use the same donor and had to wait until the next ‘batch’ was cleared in August, when I was going to be turning 40. At that point I thought, what am I waiting for? I might as well go in both guns blazing (horrible expression, I know, I’m probably not even getting it right) and was shocked it came to a halt pretty much before the transfer (and I still did it because the doc said I had a 1/1000 chance — and I couldn’t bear not to give that 1 his or her chance!). So time made me turn to IVF – but your gut will guide you in whatever direction is the one for you. Right now, I hope you’re treating yourself in some way (and I *love* the hot water bottle covers. I think you might have a side job there, I’d certainly buy one!). I treated myself to an extremely expensive pair of boots and I haven’t regretted it for one second. This whole process is like a marathon, really. I keep trying to remind myself of that as well.

    • Choice says:

      Hey there, thanks so much for the kind words. Many women seem to start this process at 39 with the milestone of 40 looming. Starting five years earlier would make a lot more sense but I guess most women still hold out the hope of meeting the perfect partner at that age.

      Looking at my family I too anticipated no fertility issues apart from the obvious lack of sperm. Three attempts seems awfully early to give up IUI to me. I’m taking a week or two to switch off from this whole process and will see what the old gut says after I’ve spoken to the consultant.

      We’ll all complete this marathon eventually and, when we do, it won’t matter a jot whether it was through IUI, IVF or some other way.

      And yes, I hit Next on Wednesday (after having two large coffees, lovely) and bought a couple of pairs of skinny jeans :-)

      Brilliant luck with round three and thanks again for your encouragement.

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