Sad face

Did a home test this morning. Dipped the stick at 6.04 and studiously ignored it until 6.07 while half-listening to the world news headlines with a hammering heart.

Negative. By 6.28am I had already travelled through the stages of fear, disappointment and annoyance to reach resignation, which is where I’ve been all day, tinged with a bit of disappointment. My clinic blood test was at 11.20am and I’ll get the result this afternoon, but I know what it will be. It’s good to be prepared.

I’m actually not upset. There are a lot worse things that could have happened. The future is still full of possibility, though I’m not sure yet what the plan will be.

Will probably have to select a new donor, as I don’t think this one has enough stuff left. It’ll take a couple of months to get back into action, so time to focus on getting new clients for my business and planning my joint 40th, which will be in a few months.

Back on the horse soon.

Follicles share feelings in round three group therapy

Follicles share feelings in round three group therapy

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