Was not expecting that

‘Tis official. A negative from the clinic. I need to go in for a consultation with Dr O, he of my original consultation back in July, to discuss options. I asked and I can also change consultants if I wish and talk to Dr L instead.

I’m really surprised by what the nurse said on the phone. She explained that they would not normally recommend doing any further IUIs after three failed attempts. This seems crazy to me. I don’t feel ready to try IVF after only three tries at IUI. I have huge reservations about trying IVF on my own anyway. I understand that time is not on my side but this approach has really floored me. It’s a big leap from not even wanting to do a medicated IUI to embarking on IVF.

Will mull it over and chat to a few people and then make an appointment to speak to a consultant. If it’s Dr O, it’ll probably take weeks to see him anyway.


Out to dinner tonight followed by the film Men at Lunch, about the stories of some of the men featured in the iconic 1930s photo of construction workers lunching on a steel girder above New York. It will be good to have some distraction.

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4 Responses to Was not expecting that

  1. Solo Mum says:

    So sorry to hear that news. Hopefully your consultant will be able to recommend a positive and fruitful course of action for you!

    • Choice says:

      Thanks so much, Solo Mum. Yes, will deffo feel better when I chat to the consultant and know what the options are. Fingers crossed for you over the next few weeks – sending many positive vibes in your direction :-)

  2. So very sorry to hear this. I’m also surprised to hear that they are suggesting that 3 tries is a lot. I’m on #8! Meanwhile, take care and ask around, you’ll know what to do when you’re ready. Hugs

    • Choice says:

      Thanks very much. I shall talk to the consultant armed with you as case information ;-) Will be thinking of you tomorrow – am waiting for your uterus to send us all some great news :-) Go womb!

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