Enter Nurse L

I rang the clinic today to talk to Nurse L and see how we’re getting on with ordering sperm, or at least with seeing which donors are available. I explained that, forgetting about this month, I was probably due to get my period in mid-June and imagined the sperm wouldn’t have arrived by then, so we’d probably be looking at starting in July. L responded that that wasn’t necessarily the case: she would be able to nudge G, the embryologist, into action if we knew we needed to start mid-June. She knew I’d given him four other donor options last Friday and thought these should be plenty. I explained that I could easily come up with 10 other non-extended profile, non-anonymous donors today if need be but that I was waiting to hear either way.

I like Nurse L already. She sounds sassy, in a good way. I managed to cut her off halfway through the call, and the last thing she heard me say was “Sh*t”. When she called back, she said she thought I had rear-ended someone. They must get that a lot. Giving patients momentous news down the phone every day, you must have people falling off chairs and driving into lamp-posts regularly. It must be a great feeling telling someone who has been trying for years that they are pregnant.

After today’s call and Nurse I’s run-through of the long protocol yesterday, I already feel much more supported than before. With IVF, having shut your system down and started from zero (I hate that thought), they schedule you in like clockwork for specific dates, unlike IUI, which is slightly more haphazard, depending on how fast follicles are growing. So, it’s in their interest to have some control over when the sperm is ordered and arrives. This new element of care might also be a partial result of my complaint last month but I suspect it’s more related to the fact that we’re on IVF this time. As well as their own timing issues, I imagine the patient gets a lot more support when doing IVF. I hope so, anyway.

So, I’m expecting a call back from L today to tell me where we are. Revised long protocol schedule, in case of interest:

If 14 June is Day 1:

  • 14 June – start contraceptive pill daily
  • 2 July – start nasal spray to down-regulate
  • 6 July – last pill
  • 11 July – scan 1 and hormonal bloods
  • 12 July – start Gonal F
  • 17 July – scan 2 and hormonal bloods
  • 19 July – scan 3 and hormonal bloods
  • 22 July – scan 4 and hormonal bloods
  • 24 July – egg collection
  • 29 July – egg transfer

L explained that they don’t do genetic testing yet at the clinic. They do offer the Eeva Test, which as far as I understand monitors the embryos in a time-lapse way to see if they are developing in the right stages at the right time – rogue embryos that develop to a different beat are deemed not as good. It’s an extra €990 to do the Eeva Test. As spaces are limited, L has put me down for it but I can opt out if need be. I’ll take advice on it at the time.

Things are coming together. Just need to find out whether any of my donors are available, sign the consent forms and collect the meds, and I can relax until mid-June.

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