Pedalling forward

I’m a cool €1,200 poorer today, having paid my deposit for IVF, booked scans based on my expected Day 1 in mid-June and dropped in my forms, which arrived in the post today. I don’t think the clinic needs the forms until my first scan but handing them in means I can’t forget to bring them in on the day.

G, the embryologist, emailed on Friday, a week after I had sent him my list of potential donors. The gist of it was don’t hassle me until toward the end of the month, when I’m ordering. I don’t really get why he can’t save the names and check their availability then and why I have to resubmit a list, but whatever. I come to any interaction with G pre-irritated by the time it takes him to get back to me, so I’m probably being unnecessarily narky.

I left a voicemail for Nurse L to keep her up to date and make sure G’s timing chimes with hers. She left a message for me today in turn saying that was good news. She had passed him my potential dates and said our two-pronged approach appeared to be working. It feels so much better to have an ally in the sperm ordering process this time around.

I just popped a folic acid pill, which I keep forgetting to take, and washed it down with a cup of coffee, which is not so good. I’m back on the caffeine. However, my guilt on that score prompted happy thoughts of unexpected benefits of this ttc process so far:

  • Pretty much off alcohol since 2013 turned up – has to be a good thing
  • Rediscovered knitting, very unexpected – have a new project in mind for the next cycle
  • Met some nice new people, both virtually and in person
  • Way more in tune with my body now

That last point leads me to the slight sharp pains I’ve been feeling in my left ovary for the last week or so. I’m not due to menstruate for another week or so (fall down in awe at this astounding knowledge of my menstrual cycle!) and wonder what’s going on down there. Hopefully nothing that will mess up my IVF plans or worse. I had a colonoscopy last summer before I kicked off this process, as I often have dull pain on my lower left side and have wondered about it for years. Nothing showed up and I got a great kick out of seeing the inside of my insides. I imagine that between that and the raft of intra-vaginal ultrasounds I’ve had since last July, something would have come to light if there was anything to worry about. I still wonder what’s going on there, though.

Expected negative: I’ve spent about €6,200 on three failed IUIs. (One IVF round will cost about €5,500, plus an extra grand if I go for the Eeva test.) And I have gained a little weight, which is very unusual for me, though that might be down to my general sloth since starting to work for myself. Although I’m naturally slight, I am very unfit at the moment and need to work on that ASAP. The longer summer evenings will help. I’ve been planting veg in the garden since the weather stopped being miserable (worst March and April since records began in many parts of the country) and I’m going to pump up my bicycle tonight and go for a spin.

So more pluses than minuses overall and, as I say, some good stuff I hadn’t bargained for. And we’re moving forward, which is always a good thing.

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