Mother Nature : 1, me : 0

As if she knows I’m about to mess with her big time, Mother Nature has been having the last laugh this month. My IVF dates had been calculated with a view to my June period starting on or around 15 June. As predicted by my smartphone app on the basis of the last two years’ cycles, average length 33 days.

I began to suspect this mightn’t be so last month, when my May cycle was only 28 days long (with my period starting on a full moon – nice touch, Mother Nature).

And for the last week, I’ve been having distinct menstrual-type cramps that I was trying to convince myself might be the ovulation pains (which I don’t really get) of a nice, really long, say 37 day, cycle, leading me neatly to 15 June. Just as when I was stressing about starting the IUI last autumn, I’ve been flinching every time I’ve gone to the loo in case my period has started. I hadn’t even collected my meds, as I didn’t want to give my subconscious an excuse to start me menstruating.

So of course I got my period today, nine days earlier than predicted. After another 28 day cycle. Two model-length cycles in a row, unheard of.

The clinic was all about getting the scan and procedure dates in the diary in early May before they got booked up. Summer is particularly busy apparently, what with all the teachers in during the school holliers. As a result, I was gripped by a little bit of apprehension as I drove down to the clinic to change my dates. And there was absolutely no problem rebooking any of them, yay. Maybe it’s all just about regulating the number of patients scheduled in for the month, rather than pinpointing exact dates, who knows.

Around the corner to the pharmacy I tootled to pick up my contraceptive pill (hello old friend, it’s been a while). The pill is the first step in getting control over my cycle before the nasal spray starts two weeks later to put the ovaries completely out of action.

So, here we are on day 1. Not to be confused with cycle day 1 (the day after the first scan, when the Gonal F starts to get the ovaries all stimulated again), which will be on 3 July.

At this rate, we’re looking at egg retrieval on 15 July, with the embryos to be popped back in around 20 July.

I’m getting a little bit excited today. Not that I’m relishing the prospect of sniffing a nasal spray three times a day that will put me into menopause. Apparently, the New Zealand guy who does those long-range weather forecasts reckons we’re in for a heatwave in July after the coldest March, April and May pretty much since records began. Combining that with hot flushes sounds like fun. But having the dates pinned down has made me a little more relaxed and enthusiastic about what’s ahead. And, all going to plan, I’ll already be on week one of the two week wait when I have to fly to the 40th at the end of July, so that’s that problem solved (not that there was a problem in the first place – a perfect example of why you shouldn’t worry about things that probably won’t happen and over which you have no control, Mindfulness 101).

Nasal spray won’t start until 22 June, so I can relax now apart from the fact that I want to lose some weight. I’ve put on half a stone since I started ttc, which as I’ve said before could equally be down to my general laziness since I started working for myself. I usually hover around 8 and three-quarters stone and weight is one thing I’ve never worried about. I don’t have a scales but weighed myself in someone else’s house yesterday and was kind of disgusted at the result. I have mini love handles, which I don’t think I’ve ever had before. Not a great idea to start off on fertility drugs again with extra pounds already in tow.

Mental note to self: get off your arse.

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