I was away visiting some islands the weekend before last, getting a bit of perspective and, frankly, a much-needed kick up the arse. A group of 20 or so of us spent the couple of days cycling around, talking, eating and drinking and it was the perfect antidote to the self-obsessive SMC and fertility blog-watching I find I can fall into so easily.

I can’t really put the beauty and remoteness of the place into words, so a couple of pictures instead. The island inhabitants must think we are completely nutsville living on top of each other in concrete rabbit hutches and ignoring our neighbours when they can look out of their windows and see this:

Looking towards the islands


I felt healthier in both mind and body when I got back, laid off the blogs and tried to forget about ttc insomuch as one can while on a fertility plan. On Day 19, I’m a few days off taking my last contraceptive pill but the weirdness of popping the pill followed by a folic acid tablet still strikes me each morning.

I started the nasal spray, Suprecur (Buserelin) this weekend and am basically pretending to myself that none of this is really happening and that I’m not about to enter into a mini-menopause.

I spectacularly messed up my first dosage on Saturday morning. The instructions state “two sniffs, three times a day”, so I’ve decided to take the spray at 8am, 4pm and midnight daily. I took my two sniffs on Saturday morning, got back into bed to listen to BBC World Service, and then thought “that must mean two sniffs in each nostril”, so got up again and took another two sniffs. And instantly asked myself incredulously why I had just done that, as two sniffs clearly means just two sniffs, not two in each nostril. So, having given myself double the required dosage in the morning, I skipped the 4pm go, which I probably shouldn’t have done, as the sniffs should really be evenly spaced, and took my final two sniffs at midnight. I’m back on track now, so I assume it will be okay but an inglorious start.

I generally mistrust eye and ear drops, as most of the dosage seems to end up dribbling across your face and neck, but the nasal spray seems to be getting most of the drug where it’s supposed to be. I have been low-level sick and a little headachy for the last day or so, but I haven’t been drinking the recommended 1.5 litres of water a day, so I probably have only myself to blame.

My first scan is next Tuesday, so we’ll see if everything has gone quiet down ovary way as expected. No word from the clinic since I contacted them on 6 June to change my dates. They probably assume you’re just getting on with it until you turn up for the first scan, when hopefully everything has worked as it should have and it’s time for the stimulation drugs to get those follicles growing again ready to be harvested.

I’ve just read Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale“, so all of this reproductive intervention is feeling a lot more sinister than it should.

Roll on cycle day 1, the day after the first scan, when we start in earnest with the stimulating drugs.

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