IVF round #1, scan #2

A glorious day here, on the foot of a handful of glorious days. At last, the sunshine we were promised by those in the know, after the coldest ever March, April and May and a fairly rubbish June that had everyone grumbling and depressed. Good weather makes such a difference to your mood and makes me wonder why I don’t just up sticks and move away from this crazy maritime climate.

Despite the heat, so far I’ve been lucky not to suffer any adverse effects from the meds. My pee isn’t a toxic green as it was the last time I was on Gonal F – perhaps because I’m drinking a lot more water. I haven’t had any hot flushes or unusual sweating while on the nasal spray. I feel generally normal, though as I mentioned before I do have a little weight on. The three-quarter-length trousers that were falling down and wearing like hipsters last summer are snug around my belly, and the button popped as I sat down to write this. As I said previously, this could be from general sloth now that I’m working from home. I also suspect I overdid it with the smoothies early on in the year – ingesting a tonne of fruit every day was probably not such a great idea in retrospect.

I arrived at the clinic nice and sweaty today, not having proper air conditioning in my car and being unaccustomed to parking in the shade. It was a brief visit, in and out (yup, don’t say it) in about 20 minutes. All is looking as it should be: nice three-layer uterine lining and follicles beginning to do their stuff. There were eight or so on the right, with the largest measuring 12-13mm, and six or so on the left, with the largest around the same size as on the right. So, we’re sticking with the Gonal F 150 and Luveris 75 every evening, plus one sniff of the Buserelin spray three times a day as before. Next scan is in two days.

I asked about who I need to bring along to egg retrieval next week, assuming we get that far. My mother, who came with me to all three IUIs, knows I’m having another try some time this month but I haven’t said that I’ve already started. I also haven’t mentioned that I’m doing IVF this time and not IUI. The six weeks of this protocol is a long time for her to be worrying, so I’ve decided not to tell her until shortly before retrieval, when there’s just a few days left. The nurse said today I don’t necessarily need anyone there, and they don’t allow anyone else in the theatre during actual retrieval anyway (surprised, do partners just wait outside?). The procedure itself is about 20 minutes, I think, with a couple of hours’ recovery time. They’ll explain the post-retrieval meds to me before the procedure so that I remember the details properly, which I’m relieved about, but someone will need to be there afterwards to listen to the after-care instructions and drive me home, as I’ll be groggy. I’m thinking as I type this that my brother might be a better candidate than my mother, who might find this a bit upsetting. We’ll see.

In other grow-y but non-ttc news, yesterday marked the first proper crop of strawberries from the garden and the first potatoes. Yes, I know it’s July – the weather really has been supercrappy until now. I’ve never grown potatoes before, so this was a bit of a thrill for me. There are few things finer than eating spuds harvested straight from the garden and served steaming hot with just a bit of butter and salt. Yum.

Let it be a fertile growing season for us all, ladies.

strawberries growing

Grow, my pretties, grow!

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