IVF round #1, scan #3

All looking good on scan three. A different nurse today, M. We’ve got around 11 follicles on the right, the largest way ahead of the pack, at 19mm, with most at 14-16mm or so I think. The left is a little lazier with around nine smaller follicles.

So, we’re sticking with the Gonal F 150 and Luveris 75 as before. The Buserelin spray will stop me from ovulating, apparently, had wondered about that. Follicles can go anything up to around 25mm, which I don’t think I’ve ever reached. Final scan on Friday morning and retrieval is looking good for Monday.

Nurse M double-checked that the sperm is in. That would have been a bit of a show-stopper alright. I said I’d rather not have to ask G, the embryologist, to step in at the last moment and she said she’d pass that thought onto him. There was a case last year in which it turned out the co-founder of a fertility centre was making many of the sperm donations himself, so we probably shouldn’t joke about that.

M is a single mother to one child as it turns out. I commented that we SMCs-to-be are in blissful ignorance and don’t realise what we’re knowingly getting ourselves into. She answered in a non-committal way but I wondered was there a slight element of disapproval there. Or maybe she was just thinking, “DON’T DO IT, SISTER! Get a cat instead. Travel, live life, achieve, run, RUN while you still can!” Perhaps she was desperately trying to communicate this message to me vaginally by means of the magic wand while outwardly remaining detached and professional.

Either way, another update on Friday.

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