IVF round #1, scan #7

The third of my supplementary scans post-retrieval today. We’re on the mend: ovaries are smaller and the pool of fluid measures around 4cm, against nearly 7cm on Friday.

It was a man scanning me today, that’s a first. Dr P. He was pretty confident that transfer wouldn’t have been a good idea on Saturday and that with six embryos on ice things were looking good.

I asked about next steps. I’ll be on the Clexane blood thinner for two weeks in all, as with the Dostinex. I’ll probably get my period next week but it will most likely be too early to start with the down regulation again to prepare for transfer. So, we’re probably looking at September.

Transfer will be another six-week process because we have to get back to zero. Roughly two weeks of the contraceptive pill, two weeks of the Buserelin nasal spray (on the pill for the first week) and, once I’m down regulated, two weeks of hormones.

I can drink while on the heparin, which may come in handy next weekend at the 40th. This is an unexpected bonus, as I’ve had very little alcohol this year at all. With the exception of last night: I had received a bottle of Mumm for my birthday in April and opened it with my parents to celebrate the six little embryos. Not really what they intended in the recommended 4l of fluid a day to combat the old OHSS but sometimes you have to kick back and celebrate.

I just had one glass before a headache threatened and I settled down to watch the penultimate episode of French return-of-the-dead series “The Returned” (“Les Revenants”). If you haven’t heard of it, it’s fabbo. Just ordered the original film online too. I’ll have to record next week’s episode while I’m travelling.

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