IVF round #1, scan #8

My last post-retrieval scan to check on the OHSS-S was last Friday week.

In the couple of days leading up to it, I had distinct menstrual-type twinges, and I was willing my period not to come until the day of the scan at the earliest. Though Dr P had said we would probably not get going again until September, I wanted to ask if there was any reason why we shouldn’t start the meds for the frozen embryo transfer when this period started, assuming the OHSS was looking okay.

For once, Mother Nature was on my side, and I got my period a couple of hours before the scan. The nurse was happy with how things looked. The pool of fluid was down to 2cm and the ovaries were in good shape; in fact, she had to ask me to move position because one of them was “hiding”. The thought of ovaries hiding makes me smile. Mischievous little buggers.

I mentioned that my period had come only that morning and asked if it would be possible to start the down regulation drugs this cycle. She didn’t see it as a problem and confirmed that the pill doesn’t contain anything that would aggravate the diminishing OHSS. And your period starting generally eases the OHSS anyway. She went off to check with Dr O and he was in agreement. I had some contraceptive pills left over from the earlier part of the cycle, so I could start on them immediately. They were also happy for me to take my last Clexane blood thinner injection that day, which was a bonus, as it meant I didn’t have to take any needles on the plane the next day. Dostinex tabs were to finish the following Monday as planned.

So, I’m back on the pill and starting the nasal spray next Monday. The first scan of the FET will be on 22 August and I’ll start taking the Estrofem hormones then. Transfer will be on 11 September or thereabouts, all going as planned.

Only taking one pill a day, plus a folic acid, really does seem like a walk in the park compared to the injections of the full IVF cycle. Shouldn’t speak too soon, I suppose, but so far it’s a breeze and almost as if it’s not happening at all.

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