IVF FET #1, scan #2

Second scan this morning and I can’t shake off a sinking feeling that everything is about to go pear-shaped.

Lining was okay, at 7mm.  When she came back fom consulting with the doctor, the nurse told me to up the Estrofem to four tablets (four!) to get us towards the 8mm mark. However, she also mentioned that a disturbance in the lining indicates that a polyp may be growing. It’s just a possibility, but she wanted to warn me that it might be the case. They’ll have another look at my next scan on Tuesday.

A five-minute Google search indicates that polyps can be a reaction to oestrogen, so it’s not surprising I guess that you might develop one after all these drugs.

Have a feeling I’m going to spend the five days shaking off the prospect that we’re not going to make it to transfer. Need to get some exercise and my positive mental attitude back.

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