A few months ago, I would have had no clue what that title meant. I am eleven days post five-day blastocyst transfer.

And I think this cycle is a bust. I’m a bit disappointed but actually okay about it.

To ’fess up: I did what you’re not supposed to do on Thursday. Out of sheer curiosity, I fished out of the cupboard one of two First Response tests I had gotten free with ovulation predictor kits earlier in the year. Granted: i) it was early evening, so not first morning urine; 2) the test is two years out of date in November (! – I see now why they gave them away free); and 3) I was only 8dp5dt, so not the best test conditions, but it was a negative.

Planning to buy a proper (in-date) home test for tomorrow morning before the blood test, I had another go first thing today with the second free First Response test (also expired in November 2011), just to see what it said, and it was another resounding negative.

I know there’s a chance that the tests are faulty and that trusting a two-year-out-of-date test is a bit mental, but I think the game is up anyway. I haven’t even had cramps for the last few days, no heightened sense of smell as with the chemical pregnancy in the first IUI, no spotting, bigger boobs and tiredness are probably down to the Crinone/Estrofem, otherwise nada, rien, nichts.

My blood test is at 10am and I’ll get the results in the afternoon, but I’m glad I’ve been able to prepare myself for a negative result since Thursday. If by some miracle the tests truly are defunct and it’s a positive, I’ll be a very happy camper, but that’s unlikely I think.

I have four embryos on ice so I can go again when my body feels less tired, unless Dr O thinks we should try a different approach. I’ve been on fertility meds non-stop since 6 June and, although I’d like to get the show on the road again as soon as possible, I think my body needs a break. And maybe my head too.

Will report back tomorrow but I think we know where this one is going. I’m not going to bother buying the pregnancy test for tomorrow morning and will just spend the €40 on the blood test.

Looking forward to a giant cafetière of coffee tomorrow afternoon as a consolation.

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2 Responses to 11dp5dt

  1. Fingers crossed! I wouldn’t trust those old tests but we’ll know tomorrow! Good luck.

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