While looking up the Crinone side effects last week to see if that is why my breasts may be a little enlarged (answer is yes), I noticed this:

Crinone patient information leaflet

Crinone patient information leaflet

My questions were: i) what exactly is a lancet and where would you get such a thing; ii) how would you get one through airport security; and iii) what exactly happened to the poor unfortunate who discovered that inserting a Crinone vaginal suppository on an airplane could lead to air pressure-related problems?

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7 Responses to Surpise-itory

  1. While I can only imagine that someone has at sometime used one of these in an airplane (and had to deal with the results in one of those tiny cramped bathrooms with a flight attendant listening outside), there are lots of places above 2500 ft on the ground. The city of Denver, Colorado, for example. Probably this helpful leaflet is more for them. Although I’m thinking the chances that they’ll know what a lancet is is also low.

    Wishing the best for you and your test tomorrow…

    • Choice says:

      Good point. Every home above 2,500 feet should be equipped with a lancet. I hope you are both enjoying motherhood. I really liked your recent posts on body image. Even without a pregnancy, my body has changed a little with the fertility drugs, which I find offputting at times. All a means to an end I suppose…

  2. jebhow515 says:

    I live at 5,300 feet and I have to stab that damn bulb every day. I keep a sewing needle in my bathroom now, haha. And sometimes I forget and it is a big mess! Only 5 more weeks of this shenanigans!

    • Choice says:

      That’s hilarious – there was me thinking they were being overly cautious in case of litigious flyers! I learn something about this fertility business every day… You’re on the home stretch with the Crinone now at least, in your first trimester, amazing.

      • jebhow515 says:

        It has completely ruined my sex life however! I refuse to have sex on this nasty stuff and my “partner” (aka boy toy) is moving to Idaho for 6 months the last week I am on it…so when I am ready to have a go at a sex life again….no one will be here :(

      • Choice says:

        That’s very unfair. At the very least, you need to find someone else to show off your pregnant curvy body to. I’ve always been an A-cup and the slight improvement the meds have given me is entirely wasted with no boyfriend!

      • jebhow515 says:

        There must be a guy out there for us that thinks pregnant women are hot ;)

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