My killer body

Follow-up call to discuss the results of the CKR test of my cytokine ratio (ratio of CD4:CD8 cells) was scheduled for Monday. To recap the little I know, my previous elevated level indicated I might be producing high levels of inflammatory citokines, not good for implantation. After walking around with my phone as a fifth limb all day as per, I missed the call at 6.15pm. Rescheduled for Tuesday, no call. Dr O was unavailable on Wednesday as travelling. Finally heard from him at about 7.50pm on Thursday. They do work him hard.

This CKR test also showed very high cytokines – a level of 123. They don’t like this to be over 30. What is going on in my body, I wonder. They used to prescribe Humera, which is very expensive and sounds quite unpleasant, but now they recommend concentrated Omega 3 instead. Small mercies, I guess. I need to take 3g of “platinum-level” Omega 3 daily for eight weeks, and then we’ll retest.

Next CKR test will be 21 Jan. With a wait of two weeks for a follow-up consultation with Dr O, I realistically won’t be ready to start the next six-week frozen embryo transfer cycle until February at the earliest – if the results are satisfactory and my cycle plays ball. Possibly March. Blah.

In case you can’t tell from my tone, I’m resigned and switched-off about this whole process at present. Glad I have four high-quality embryos on ice but extremely frustrated about this waiting around. I know there’s no point going ahead with a transfer if my body is going to launch an inflammatory attack on the poor little embryos but, still, blah.

On a less grumpy note, knowing I would probably have to wait a few months before starting FET #2, I got my nose pierced last month. And then managed to accidentally pull out the stud four weeks later, so had to get it repierced on Monday.

Just to give those natural killer cells something to worry about.

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4 Responses to My killer body

  1. barrenbetty says:

    Urgh, I hate all the bloody waiting. I hope the omega 3 sorts you out. I’ve been taking a high dose of it for about 8 weeks and even if it doesn’t sort you out, my hair is extraordinarily shiny. I am attributing it solely to the omega 3. Also, I am delayed until at least March so if you wanna bitch with anyone I am your gal :)

    • Choice says:

      Co-b*tching sounds good. I expect to be both extremely clever and very slippery by the end of these two months. At least Omega 3 feels a bit natural, unlike all the other crap we have to ingest. And we can drink at Christmas. Bracing myself though for all those Christmas cards with photos of people’s Santa-hatted/reindeer-seated kids on the front, bleurgh.

      • barrenbetty says:

        Puke. My worst in recent years was a child dressed as a Christmas pudding. I feel obliged to warn you that I am not a windy person (you probably already guessed that), but holy cow, the occasional burp when you have ingested a large amount of omega 3 everyday is truly offensive. I’ve been taking them at breakfast but regret it all day. I suggest taking them with dinner.

      • Choice says:

        I’ll also be taking Metformin at some stage, which I believe also messes with your digestion greatly. Good times to be single.

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