Switching off and casting on

Little to report on the fertility front other than slipping the Omega 3 capsules every morning.

It will be a good few months until I need to undertake any Knock Yourself Up Knits projects to while away the two week wait. In the meantime, I’ve used up some scrap wool to knit a few Christmas tree decorations.

This simple and quick pattern was from a knitting blog called Fluff and Fuzz:

knitted Christmas stocking blue and white

Amanda Berry’s stockings look much more like Christmas stockings than mine, which turned out a bit more baby bootee-ish for some reason (hmmm…) but I’m happy with them. Red and white might have been more traditional but who says Christmas has to be red. You may recall my feelings on Santa Claus and his livery – I still think we should launch a campaign to bring back green Santa Claus.

This one was more complicated (and I accidentally got the colours mixed up) but I loved the pattern:


It’s from Julie of the Little Cotton Rabbits blog. I’m a very basic knitter and had never done Fair Isle or slipping stitches to make a heel, so this was great practice on a mini scale. (Speaking of Fair Isle, I just watched all three seasons of The Killing, US version, on Netflix. It’s excellent and Mr Joel Kinnaman is strangely attractive.)

Having knit a handful of stockings, that’s all my cards done, as I don’t send Christmas cards any more other than to the immediate family. And it’s only November. Progress on one score at least.

I’m not bitter.

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