IVF FET #2, scan #2

It’s March and the weather is so beautiful, it just seems to illuminate the soul. Low, gentle sun with just a hint of warmth and snowdrops and daffs all over the place. The weather must have put me in a good mood, as I just laughed out loud (happens rarely, sadly) at Honestly Infertile’s 9 Effective Exit Strategies for Pregnancy Announcements (it was The Crapper that got me, I’m obviously very infantile). Laughing hurt, as I did an abs workout after my spinning class on Saturday for the first time and am still suffering. Very unfit.

Daffodils in an old Belfast sink

Second scan today and all was fine. My lining is a little thin, it seems, as the nurse told me to up the Estrofem from three to four tablets daily, but I think the same happened last time and we were still good to go.

I asked about the twins scenario. There was a trainee nurse there too, so they both chimed in. It’s up to the woman/couple, but generally over the age of 25 you are advised to transfer two embryos. Not everyone does, of course, and not everyone has two to transfer. The clinic’s objective is one healthy singleton. I asked how many women out of every 10 will end up with twins and they said not many. Really I would love an actual statistic about how many out of every 10 two-embryo transfers and how many out of every 10 successful pregnancies result in twins for women over 40 but I don’t expect anyone to have that stat at the ready.

I realise how ridiculous this worry seems when there’s a likelihood I won’t get pregnant at all and when, of course, I’d rather have (healthy) twins than no child at all. And, as I’ve said before, I know how extremely lucky I am to even be having this discussion with embryos in the bank.

So, I’m still worried about wasting two little embryos if I have outstanding immune or other problems. And about this slight terror of multiples lowering my receptivity to implantation at all. But my mind is a little more at ease. I’ll have a think before my next scan/first intralipids on Thursday. If I’m still feeling this way, two it will be, assuming we get to transfer and they thaw out okay.


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2 Responses to IVF FET #2, scan #2

  1. barrenbetty says:

    I’m glad it’s all progressing well so far! I’m enjoying the slightly warmer weather too… Almost felt like spring on Saturday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed everything keeps going to plan xx

    • Choice says:

      Thanks very much. And congratulations on your great news today. Enjoy the PUPO-dom, very, very, very well-deserved :-) Long may the Unicorn Effect continue.

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