Moving on

Had my final blood test this morning with the lovely Dr L. Just a formality, especially as I got my period yesterday. I was expecting lots of horrible cramps but my period was pretty much business as usual, except for the clumps of Crinone coming out too, very attractive. The test came back as 21.7, with the advice to just “wait for the bleed”.

The miscarriage could have been due to the steroid issue but unlikely, according to L. It looks like my immune system just went for what was looking like a very healthy pregnancy and would probably have done so anyway.

L wants to add Neupogen to my treatment plan next cycle. She has had one woman with a very similar history to mine, never reaching heartbeat stage, and Neupogen helped her to keep the pregnancy. From what I’ve just scanned on Google, Neupogen is used to treat neutropenia (low white blood cell count) after cancer chemotherapy. It has had some success in preventing implantation problems and immune-related miscarriage. The plan is for L to administer one dose straight to the uterus, in a procedure a bit like the SIS, and for me to inject a second dose into my stomach.

Otherwise, the treatment plan will be the same, with me taking the correct dosage of steroids this time. I mentioned that the 25mg of steroids made me wired at night and unable to sleep (even though I was only on that dosage for three days). L said that some people find it better to take these before going to bed, as that way they get their night’s sleep before the steroids kick in.

She asked if I wanted to start the pill this cycle but we both agreed it would be good to give my body a rest. I’m happy to wait until May to start again. Or even later, haven’t decided yet.

It was a lot nicer talking face to face than having to wait weeks for a phone call with Dr O. Dr L is always a breath of fresh air and very approachable and positive. This one is behind me now and hopefully what we’ve learned will help us go all the way next time.

Time for some time off first though.

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