A slight delay

Well, I won’t be cycling this month after all, as the clinic is booked up for frozen embryo transfers until the start of September. Mine will be mid-September now and I’m coasting on the pill for a few extra weeks.

On the plus side, I had a 13:2 bet on Germany to win the World Cup, so thank you Mario Götze for scoring that goal in the 113th minute.

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2 Responses to A slight delay

  1. barrenbetty says:

    Nice work on the bet! I put on a few bets and won absolutely nothing. Lame. I’ve been wondering how you are doing! It’s a bummer you have to wait until September. If I can be nagged into it, I think I will be cycling then too. At least we can enjoy the summer a bit first :) x

    • I like the Norwegian who won £2k on Suarez biting – that was foresight! There’s probably a Lego version of that too. I hope you can enjoy the summer and just enjoy life for a while while not cycling. Almost like we’re Normals for a while!! It all kicks off in the autumn… Everything crossed for these next cycles.

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