It was a chemical pregnancy

This one seems very cruel.

That was one hell of a sensitive home test.

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6 Responses to It was a chemical pregnancy

  1. Thelma says:

    I was thinking of you this evening. It’s not fair. I’m so sorry :(

  2. Sorry to hear this, I have had one of those as well. Keep going, I had my second at 43, only 3 months ago (single mother by choice of 2).

    • I really appreciate the cheering comment, thanks so much for that :-) Was just saying to a friend 15 minutes ago that I feel like Methuselah in fertility terms and have to remind myself sometimes I have some good eggs left still. Great to hear good stories like yours – and congratulations!

  3. barrenbetty says:

    Oh no, I’m really sorry to hear this. That is so cruel. Thinking of you x

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