Happy 2015

Hello and a happy new year to everyone. It’s been quite a few months since I’ve checked in, having had nothing of note to report on the fertility front.

We decided not to start my second IVF cycle in December, as it was going to clash awkwardly with Christmas. This was a relief, as it would have been quite stressful taking time off from my in-house job. Since the new year, I’m back working full-time at home again, so fitting in clinic appointments for this January/February cycle is a breeze.

For you fertility watchers out there, my treatment plan is slightly different this time. I’m on a long agonist protocol (for all I know, I may have been on this protocol for my other IVF in summer 2013, not really sure what it means and have resisted Googling). I’ll be on lower stims to avoid over-stimulation (starting with 75 Menopur and 100 Gonal F (last time, it was Luveris, not Menopur, and I started with 225 Gonal F, reducing to 150 after two days). For my first cycle, down-regulation started with a couple of weeks of the contraceptive pill followed by Buserelin nasal spray; this time, it’s just the spray. Another change was that I had to use an ovulation predictor kit this time to pinpoint when to start the spray (seven days after a positive OPK). I was on my last of the 10 strips before I got my smiley face, which chimes with my longer natural cycle (if I remember correctly from back in the mists of pre-clinic time, my cycle is 33 days on average).

So, the nasal spray kicked off on 5 January and I had my first scan today to make sure all was quiet on the ovarian front. I was slightly anxious, as things felt weird this time around. I’ve been crampy pretty much constantly since I got my positive OPK, even before the spray, and my bleed, which arrived on Friday, was super-painful and uncomfortable. I had been wondering if I had cysts or some other problem, but apparently everything was “text-book” today – lining as it should be, all quiet but antral follicles visible and ready to get producing.

Stims start tomorrow, cycle day 1. Getting the sharps box from the pharmacist really brought me back. It’s going to take me a day or two to get my head around injecting this stuff again. Can it really be 18 months since my last IVF round? Vraiment incroyable.

Speaking of which, I’m watching season 5 of French crime drama Spiral on BBC4, a world in which every police officer and lawyer is good-looking. I don’t think it’s a spoiler (as it’s revealed in the very first minutes of episode one) to mention Laure’s unwanted surprise pregnancy at the age of 40. Will she keep it or jump on the next train to the Netherlands? – I just don’t know. I would like to think of her and newly responsible colleague Gilou co-parenting but somehow can’t see this one coming to pass. I love the fact that Gilou is suddenly the only one of the squad who’s keeping it together having seemingly sorted his problems with drugs and prostitutes.

In other reality avoidance, I’m really enjoying Danish series The Legacy too, another opportunity to admire my donor’s very fine gene pool, although Robert (Trond Espen Seim), to my eyes the most outstanding example of great genes in the show, is actually Norwegian. I also depressed myself recently with New Zealand crime drama Top of the Lake on Netflix starring Holly Hunter and Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men – gorgeous scenery and a great series but some seriously fecked-up people in that town to be sure – and an unwanted pregnancy of a much more sinister type.

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2 Responses to Happy 2015

  1. Jen F says:

    Good luck with it all, I find your breakdown of the protocols helpful as whilst I’m open DIUI at the moment DIVF is an option for the future!

    • Hi there, I’m sure the drugs stuff is very boring for lots of people but I’ve found it can be handy knowing what to expect if you ever need to go in that direction. Though it doesn’t help that every clinic seems to use differently named versions of basically the same meds. You are a mere spring chicken, so chances are your next IUI will work and you won’t need to worry about this stuff at all. Best of luck with the next go :-)

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