This feels, like, so 2013

Nobody’s been particularly interested in my follicles since my first IVF in summer 2013, other than to make sure they were quiet going into my four frozen embryo transfers. So, it was like going back in a time machine today for my Cycle Day 8 scan (albeit a pretty kinky-looking time machine, what with that condom-covered probe smeared in KY Jelly and all).

To recap, the CD 8 scan checks that the follicles are growing as expected since stims started and that drug levels are correct. I was pretty confident I hadn’t been overstimulated, as everything has felt much more comfortable this time around. With the Gonal F at a mere 100IUI for this cycle, I haven’t felt that uncomfortable pressure that makes you think your ovaries are about to explode. If anything, I kind of expected to be told today that we needed to up the meds.

I was also a tiny bit concerned due to a drama of my own making that caused me to miss a couple of my Buserelin (Suprecur) nasal spray doses. I had to bring my sniffer with me to a client’s on Monday; it was only that night I realised the bottle cap had come loose and the entire contents had emptied itself into my bag. I sniffed a lot of air on Monday night in the hope that there were some droplets left and missed my morning dose as well, as I couldn’t get to the pharmacy until lunchtime to collect a replacement bottle (another €85, bleurgh).

Having missed two doses, I could feel (imagine?) mildy crampish “happenings” that had me a little worried I was going to start ovulating. I wasn’t exactly panicking, as we’re down to one sniff three times a day at this stage, but it was certainly in the back of my mind going into the clinic today that we might have a problem.

All was as it should be though, thankfully. So, if you’ve landed on this page because you’ve had a Buserelin mishap (I’ve read about women not realising the Suprecur bottle is empty, for example – it’s a brown bottle and I can see how this might happen) and are frantically Googling for reassurance, based on my experience you shouldn’t panic unduly.

Just to raise the suspense level, Nurse A checked my lining first – all perfect at 10.9 thickness and tri-laminar (triple line pattern).  Over to the ovaries, and leftie had three decent-sized follicles of 12, 12 and 10. Rightie had four fine fellows of 14, 14, 12 and 11. I know from experience some of these might fall back but I’m happy if we get a few good-quality eggs from these babies.

Stims can stay as they are and I’m back in on Friday to see if we’re good to collect early next week. I finished off with my first session of intralipids.

Something tells me we won’t be getting 19 eggs this time around, and I think that’s a good thing. Hopefully it will quality over quantity this cycle.

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3 Responses to This feels, like, so 2013

  1. barrenbetty says:

    That’s sounding good so far… and great the follicles are all growing so evenly. Good luck for Friday xx

    • Thanks very much, small steps as you know… I haven’t been on the blogs but see your fab news – brill! How are you feeling?

      • barrenbetty says:

        That’s it alright… Lots and lots of small steps. I’d say focus on each one at a time but I know full well I just freaked out throughout the entire duration of every one of my cycles!! Yes I’m good thanks. It still feels very surreal after everything but it’s all going ok so far :) I hope you join me very soon xx

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