Tincy, wincy baby steps

My official test date was Friday, 12dp5dt. I caved on Tuesday evening and bought two of the cheapest tests from Boots, tested on Wednesday morning and got the faintest of faint lines, at which I resignedly thought, “Another chemical”. Used the second test in the pack on Thursday morning and got an equally faint line – in certain lights it could possibly have been infinitesimally darker but really it looked pretty much the same ie no progression.

Coupled with the fact that I had practically zero pregnancy symptoms and that those I had (imagined?) had disappeared, I figured the writing was on the wall and didn’t bother buying a test for Friday morning.

The blood test was at 10.20 on Friday. I bought another two-pack of cheap tests on the way home to help me through the inevitable low but inconclusive hCG result followed by an agonising wait all weekend until another test on Monday that would confirm a chemical pregnancy. Instead, against my better judgement, I used one of the tests at lunchtime – and got a slightly darker line. Interesting!

About 15 minutes later, the clinic rang with my result, and got my voicemail, as I was driving at the time. They rang again at about 2.45 and I couldn’t answer the phone.  So, I was gritting my teeth somewhat by the time Nurse M finally caught up with me at about 3.45. With a beta of 424.8.

There’s a reason they tell us not to test early.

We’ve been here before and it hasn’t ended well. Nurse M said as much and told me to come in on Wednesday for another test. I liked her caution and lack of congratulation and that she took for granted that I wouldn’t be jumping for joy based on my history. If numbers are heading towards around 1,600 by Wednesday, I’ll have another session of intralipids on Thursday to calm my immune system further. They’re not recommending aspirin this time but she advised me to get some calcium chews, as the steroids are hard on your bones. Other than that, meds are to stay as they are. Omega 3 supplement covers me for Vitamin D, apparently.

If things go as they should, we could be looking at a viability scan some time in the week of 16 March. I’m taking this one in small steps – but still very pleased to have passed this hurdle.

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5 Responses to Tincy, wincy baby steps

  1. Jen F says:

    Really hoping for good news for you x

  2. barrenbetty says:

    Oh wow, this is great! It does feel like one hurdle after another but you’ve made a big step in the right direction so far :) Keeping everything crossed for you x

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