Desperately seeking symptoms – two week wait

I’m six weeks today, assuming everything is okay – only the viability scan in mid-March will tell. In the meantime, I’m trying very hard to pull myself up by the bootstraps and concentrate on some work. Between taking it easy around the transfer at the start of the month and my super-distracted state of mind during, and after, the two week wait, I had my most unproductive work month ever in February. I need to knuckle down.

For those of you busy tormenting yourselves during your own 2ww, I really felt very little, and anything I did notice could have been a result of the meds. Here are the few things that made me wonder. I didn’t write anything down, so timings are very rough:

  • Very light cramps much of the time, which could have meant anything
  • Absolutely knackered tired for most of the first week and a good portion of the second. For example, I tried to go clothes shopping 7dp5dt and had to give up, sit down and get something to eat
  • Out of sorts and a little cranky. And really, really jumpy – I was at the cinema at 10dp5dt and nearly leapt out of my skin several times, not like me
  • Stabbing twinges somewhere vaginal on the left side (isn’t it odd that we rarely mention the word “vagina” in fertility blogs?) on a couple of occasions around 2dp5dt that woke me up in the night
  • My breasts, the area below my right shoulder and my upper thighs were veiny for about a day in the middle of the second week – and then they weren’t, making me anxious. They’re veiny again now
  • Super-high libido around 2dp5dt and a couple of other times making me wish I had a man (but we would have been forbidden from doing anything anyway – and the Crinone, the Crinone!)

Under normal circumstances, I think I would have had absolutely no clue that I was pregnant, unless I had noticed my period was late, which is unlikely.

So, don’t worry if you feel absolutely nothing at all – only your OTD will tell.

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