Round like a circle in a spiral

A lot of women compare trying to conceive with being on a rollercoaster. For me at this moment, ttc feels like being on an eternal roundabout. Not a sexy roundabout in Rome with cute little cars racing past and gorgeous people zipping in and out on pastel mopeds. Not even a crazy-dangerous, exciting, imposing one like the Arc de Triomphe, where your heart is in your mouth at all times. Right now, I feel as if I’m circling a boring, uninspiring roundabout somewhere on the outskirts of a motorway and a drudgery-filled industrial estate. Making the same journey again and again and getting nowhere.

Blame it on the Buserelin. It’s my sixth time down regulating, which means I’m back in the fake menopausal state brought on by the nasal spray and feeling dog-tired and down.

Around and around and around we go with no exit in sight.


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4 Responses to Round like a circle in a spiral

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I have to say I do admire your determination, it does astound me what you have been through and that you keep going. Absolutely amazing. I wish you luck with this next round.

    • Thanks so much. I don’t think I’ve been through much compared to many women tbh. I feel lucky to be in a position to try at all (though I’ll admit the old determination is waning a little for the first time). Are you still on your travels?

      • Vic says:

        I wouldn’t know about that, I know my friends went through a lot but it seems your journey has been more gruelling. No I didn’t want to log in using that as it is an old blog I’ve not kept up to but couldn’t change it after I’d submitted my comment. I stopped travelling last year as I started upon a different kind of journey.

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