IVF FET#5 7dp5dt

I had my transfer on 17 July. Dr L did it, which was a lovely surprise and also made things go very fast, as she is super-efficient. The embryologist was also super-quick. Sometimes they leave you hanging in there with your legs up in stirrups and your undercarriage visible to all through the wall hatch while they do their double- and triple-checking and get the embryo ready, but not this time.

I’ve been here a handful of times before, with one fresh and four frozen transfers behind me, so there’s really nothing new to report. The only discomfort was the bladder situation. I second-guessed myself and drank about 500ml, as opposed to my usual 330ml, because it was a warm day and I’ve had one transfer where the 330ml wasn’t enough. As a result, the pressure of the scanner on my belly was almost unbearable. I was pretty desperate to get out of there and managed only about five minutes back in the waiting room before limping to the toilet.

There was one funny moment before the transfer, when the (trainee) nurse asked me my partner’s name (to be fair, this has rarely happened in the three years since I’ve been at the clinic). I said “Zero” and she responded “Cyril?”, looking down at my papers to check his name. That will teach me to be sarcastic. I felt a little defensive because I could clearly hear the couple in the next cubicle being put through their paces and assumed they could hear my stuff too. I should have just shouted joyfully, “It’s just sperm. From a Danish man I’ve never met! It arrived here on ice by courier! Isn’t that amazing?! I hope he looks like Mads Mikkelsen!” at the top of my lungs.

It’s probably unwise to put this out to the universe, as we all know she is likely to sh*t on me if I do, but I think it’s worked. That’s not to say it will stick, as I know to my cost, but I’m feeling optimistic that the embryo implanted. I’ve had ghost-like cramps from about 3dp5dt and they’ve been stronger today. And I’m dog tired. Plus, I think it’s too early for this but I’m feeling a little nauseated today. I may be adding 2 + 2 and getting 400 and all of the above could be the Crinone playing its mean old tricks but I’m not so sure.

Beta test is on 29 July and may well make a fool of me but there’s no harm in being optimistic. I’ll hold out buying a home test until then if I can.

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10 Responses to IVF FET#5 7dp5dt

  1. Sending lots of sticky vibes your way x

  2. Good luck! And good response to the nurse, ugh, why can’t people read the file

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