18dp5dt second beta

My ‘reassurance hCG test’ at 18dp5dt came back at a very healthy 12,933 this morning, so that’s another hurdle overcome.  I’m relieved and thankful but still very, very apprehensive. It’s extremely early days, to state the obvious, only 5 weeks 2 days in IVF terms today. Next hurdle is the viability scan on 18 August.

A handful of years ago, before I started off down the single mother by choice path, a friend who had been trying to conceive for several years gave up on IVF. Another friend, G, decided to perform some fertility witchcraft (which, I think, involved a stone under a pillow) for our mutual friend, who then got pregnant naturally.  I told G about my plans in May and she’s been sending me positive vibes ever since.

Clearly, I should have drafted G and her dark arts in three years ago.

G, please continue to do that voodoo that you do so well and get us safe and sound to April!

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