Harmony test – 13 weeks

The €550 I spent on the Harmony test at the private arm of the maternity hospital must rank among the best money I have ever spent on anything in my life. Barring the €33,000-odd I’ve spent getting pregnant in the first place. They combine the blood test, results of which should come back late next week, with a very thorough scan of the baby, my fifth scan so far and probably my last until late November.

The midwife, H, was lovely. She asked if this was my first baby and I replied that it was my first and probably last, leading to a conversation about how I don’t have a husband to knock me up gratis with number two. She was interested in the donor aspect and how much information you receive, which reminded me that I must look up his details again. As two previous donors hadn’t worked out, I didn’t invest too much in him emotionally after making the initial decision, not knowing if he would come up trumps. Now that it looks as if he has, I must refresh my memory.

The scan went very well. H tooks loads of time, showing me various different angles. She commented on the baby’s long legs, which she figured chimed with his Danish heritage (mental note to check the donor’s height). The baby was swallowing and peeing and nice and active. We saw the two hemispheres of the brain from above, which was breathtaking. It’s amazing that everything is there at this stage, just developing quietly in a baby a mere 7cm long.

I didn’t notice H measuring the nuchal fold as she chatted away, crafty lady, but apparently it was fine and just as she would expect in a healthy baby. So, based on that and the baby’s movement and development, she reckons everything is okay. If the baby had been very still and lacking in development, we might have cause to worry. Though we won’t know for sure until the bloods are back, she would be surprised if we had a problem.

The bloods will also tell us whether it’s a girl or boy. H is 95 per cent sure she knows the gender and told me about her hunch but I’ll wait until we’re sure before I divulge.

I am so relieved and happy and feel as if a burden has been lifted.

Some of the scans below – you can see the baby’s long legs, crossed as usual, in the second one.
13 week scan 13wkScan0002 13wkScan0003

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  1. Congrats!!!!!!! Looking good :)

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