21 week scan

I had my first midwife visit at the local clinic last Monday and my “big scan” at 21 weeks at the public hospital today.

Humour the 42-year-old me while I clutch at the last vestiges of my youth: when I walked into the midwife’s office last week, she mistook me for the student trainee she was expecting (aw, shucks – and don’t tell me it might have been a mature student) and later exclaimed that I didn’t look 42  (as ever, the only response to that is “Tell my ovaries”).

She was lovely (I’ve forgotten her name but must check, as she is likely to be doing my home visits after the birth). Her own path to becoming a mother was not straightforward. She had severe endometriosis and ended up researching her condition herself and learning about Clomid, after which she had twin boys and two more children. She checked my urine sample and blood pressure, measured the fundal height and let me hear the baby’s heartbeat galloping away on the Doppler. This is always a relief, as it’s too early for me to feel the baby moving and half the time, despite my little bump, I wonder if he’s still there.

Today was the big day at the hospital, with the dating and gender scan. Except I already knew it was a boy, having done the Harmony test. Yesterday, I was completely relaxed about the scan, having no reason to believe there was anything wrong, but last night I woke up to an uncomfortable pain on the left of my abdomen and a stabbing pain shooting up my back. It wasn’t crampy and didn’t feel digestive and I didn’t know what was going on. I sweated it out for about 15 minutes before it subsided. So, I was a tiny bit nervous going in for the scan, wondering if something bad had happened during the night. But all was fine. We saw his spine, his little feet, the top of his head, kidneys and heart working away and his lovely little face, plus his little testes apparently, though I wouldn’t have had a clue that that was what I was seeing. Size and weight were all as they should be and we heard the heart hammering away. I also found out that my placenta is at the front, which is another reason it might take a couple of weeks to be able to feel him kicking (which can take a bit longer on first pregnancies anyway because your muscles are relatively tight).

As I’m over 40 (no!), I need to go in for another scan at week 32 to make sure everything is progressing as it should be. I’ve no problem with another free scan.

GP appointment is next, in mid-December, and then it’s back to the midwife four weeks later in the new year.

A few 21 week scans below.

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