GP visit at 24 weeks

My 24-week GP appointment was yesterday morning.

While Dr B moved the Doppler around trying to find the baby’s heartbeat, she assured me that it can take a while to locate and not to worry. I wasn’t worried, as I had felt him moving around an hour before. This was the first time I’ve felt that I know the baby better than other people do, which made me happy.

He and my bump are a great size and all is well. He’s in a fine position (for now at least): head down, looking towards my back. This knowledge helps me make a little more sense of the movements I’m feeling.

Dr B mentioned the importance of nutrition and advised me to put some more weight on my own body, which she said will help. I don’t really get this, as I’m up from 83/4 stone to 10 stone and eating well and plenty. I’m not sure if there was a tacit criticism there and, if so, I’m choosing to ignore it, as I’m naturally small and relatively slight. I do need to drink more milk, which is always a battle, as I really dislike it. If anything, I feel I need to get more light walking in – working at home combined with stormy weather (plus a lot of laziness) is keeping me indoors more than I should be.

Tomorrow, I have a meeting with a client that I last visited on the day of the embryo transfer that pregnified me back in the summer. I anticipate some scrabbling around tonight for something formal to wear – I certainly won’t be wearing the clingy woollen tunic dress from Boden I had on back in July. I remember ‘dem days…

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