34 weeks

I had my 34 week checkup with the unnamed midwife on Monday (I actually called to reception after my appointment to ask them her name but there was no one there, argh. I know, I should just ask her.) Despite my elephant-like feet, she was happy. I’ve had to ditch my ankle boots in the last couple of days and revert to Camper shoes with the laces on ‘broad’ setting. I’m glad, once again, that I don’t have to wear swanky heels and suits.

No problem finding the heartbeat this time and she could feel his head down in my abdomen. I was measuring well and urine and blood pressure were fine.

As advertised, I went to the couples antenatal class last week for the labour workshop and, what do you know, it was quite enjoyable. There was more banter than at the singles class and actually a few solo ladies there, as well as at least one same-sex couple. The class was more practical and interesting in itself than the previous ones, given by a young but very competent-sounding and engaging physio. All that worry for nothing, as is usually the case.

(On a side note, the male half of the couple in front of me kept jigging around in his seat, caressing his lady and changing positions, hunkering down and over and then sitting up, which meant I was jigging around to see the physio do her thing, which in turn meant the people behind me were also having to jig around. It’s the same when this happens in the theatre or cinema – why is it that we never say anything to these people for fear of appearing obnoxious or having popcorn thrown at us, when it’s they who are being inconsiderate or just unaware? Or maybe I’m the only wimp who never says anything.)

I had my regular singles class directly after that one, the final class, and it included a trip to the delivery wards. I think we were all a bit nervous walking up to the second floor in the knowledge that the next time we saw the place we would be in labour. It was nice to see a delivery room all the same. I think a good part of the apprehension for me is the fear of the unknown. No one can prepare you for your first labour but seeing where it will most likely happen helped a little.

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