Baby bag

Lots of other things to sort out but I have my baby bag more or less packed, just in case. I was gathering the bits and pieces together a few weeks ago, when I saw an article called Inside the maternity bags of expectant mothers on the BBC News site. It made me feel a little ashamed and a lot privileged.

While we’re advised to bring along niceties such as front-opening nightdresses for skin-to-skin contact, phone and charger, music selection, disposable knickers and breast pads, exercise balls and TENS machines if needed, and snacks and magazines for after, some of these women’s lists are just so basic. Plastic sheeting for the bed. A torch. A razor blade to cut the cord. A water dish. Washing soap powder to clean the labour room after delivery. Good grief.


Ellen in Malawi’s bag

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2 Responses to Baby bag

  1. We are very lucky (and spoiled) in the west. Labour must be a terrifying experience for so many women around the world.

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