Granny knits #6

This one is gorgeous. A cute little purple (though it looks blue in the pic) hoody in really soft wool.

purple knitted baby hoody

I mentioned how kind family have been. Well, I received a package this week from my brother’s mother-in-law (in New Zealand!) containing the following:

blue handknit babty cardigan and blue handknit baby sweater and hat

She knit them herself and the detail is amazing. I would wear that jumper myself. She also sent:

All Blacks black singlet and handknit studded boots and Road Trip t-shirt with knitted hat and bootees

The little All Blacks (New Zealand rugby team) bootees have knitted studs, so cute.

This child already has more clothes than me, no exaggeration.

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2 Responses to Granny knits #6

  1. Those clothes look really cute, how nice of your brother’s mother in law

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